Facing a river bet with third pair, no limit cash

Game type: No limit cash game
Your image: Tight and aggressive
Misc notes: Opponent frequently raises preflop
Your hand: 6d6c

The setup: Preflop, Player A raised to $6 and you called with your pocket sixes. The rest of the table folded, and the flop came:


Player A checked to you, and you checked behind. A turn card of 7h improved your hand significantly. Player A led out for $12 and you called. The river brings another 7 – 7c, and your opponent thinks for a bit before betting $20, a little over half pot. What’s your play?

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  1. Joeker   •  

    Theres a reasonable chance I’m ahead, so I call. I don’t raise as there aren’t many hands ahead of me that I’ll get to fold.

  2. Frank   •  

    I’d put him on two overcards.

  3. Cristiano   •  

    The staff rules. It is all said, a call is probably the best play.

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