Chip lead, considering a re steal deep in the PokerStars Sunday Million

This hand is based on actual game play from the Stars Sunday Million on 3/4/07

Game type: PokerStars Sunday Million No Limit Tournament
Your image: You have shown down a series of strong hands to build your stack.
Stage of tourney: 46 out of a starting field of over 6600 remain.
Avg stack: About 1.3 million
Misc notes: You are on a mini-bubble; the next player eliminated moves everyone up about $1,000 in prize money.
Your hand: ??

The Setup: You’ve made it deep in the money of the Stars Sunday Million. With 46 left, you’re actually the chip leader in the tournament. At 45 the payout increases by about $1,000.

You’ve shown down nothing but good hands and been quiet otherwise. The table has been playing fairly tight and it’s been a bit since a flop was dealt.

The first three players fold and then the CO + 1 makes a standard raise. The CO folds and the action is to you. There’s about 10% of your stack in the middle.

What type of hands are you willing to re-raise with here?

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  1. Sam   •  

    any pair, suited connectors, high card, medium aces will do it. It’s a good spot to increase your stack with a pretty low risk.
    I would probably call and try to trap with a monster though, giving the impression that I became loose because of my stack.

  2. Goat   •  

    Bit odd posting this question without any read on CO+1. Kind of like telling us that x+something=5 and then asking asking us for the literal value of x.

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