Ace-Queen vs. a big preflop raise from short stack

Game type: 1/2 NL live ($100 max buyin)
Your image: TAG
Opponent’s image: Loose – likes to raise preflop
Your hand: Ah Qh

The setup: Your opponent has been raising quite a bit pre-flop, but every raise was always to $10. You haven’t been involved in many pots so far, but when you have you’ve shown down strength. Here they raise UTG to $20 and they only have $32 left behind. The table folds around to you and you look down at Ace Queen suited. What’s your play?

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  1. Geronimo   •  

    Either it’s a coin flip or you’re way behind. FOLD!

  2. Rallenkov   •  

    Easy Fold

  3. Joe   •  

    How is this an easy fold? I would at leest like to see a flop but to be honost ill rather see all 5 cards. Let’s gamble!

  4. EricP   •  

    Hmmm… This looks like a good hand, but the raiser would prefer to win the pot right now. I don’t see him raising that much with AA or KK (in which case, he’d look for some action). AK is also a possible holding, but I rather put him on medium suited connectors. Shove !

  5. TomL   •  

    I put his range on a pair, JJ down to 55. Push

  6. philes   •  

    Call it. See the flop.

  7. Geronimo   •  

    His range definitely includes QQ and AK. No way you can push!

  8. James   •  

    I want to see the flop. Call.

  9. drhoho   •  

    Pushing would be really ridicoulus here, and I am dissapointed so many voted for it.

    There is absolutely no FE, and you dont have potodds for a coinflip especially not after the rake. This can really be the case. With 47%chance you are still behind, and the BB doesnt commit you.
    Pushing would be -2.53$ EV, assuming you have 47% chance and the rake is 4$.
    And a coinflip is probably the best case scenario. Putting him on suited connectors is silly.

    Calling would be +5$EV assuming he has JJ- and pay if you hit the flop. But you cant know that for sure.

    Either you call and check if you hit, hoping for him to push an underpair, or you fold.

    I just fold.

    If the rake in Australia, or wherever the max buy is 50BB, is less than the 10%-max 4$ I remember from Vegas 1-2$ NL holdem, the EV would be that much better.

  10. Rondleman   •  

    All things considered, I think this is a pretty standard fold. He’s raising a larger amount than usual with a very short stack, and he’s UTG to boot. I would put him on JJ+, AK. There is no dead money in the pot, so we would have to be ahead of his range to push (which we are certainly not), knowing that we have no FE on him. We could call, but what do we do on the flop if it doesn’t come with a killer draw/made hand/Ace for us? Do we just push regardless and hope for the best? I’m sure with such a short stack, he would only fold if he held AK and completely missed – I can’t see any other scenario that would cause him to fold. Sucks tossing such a solid hand, but I think it has to be done here.

  11. Ally   •  

    Fold and it really isn’t close.

    While the bet is an odd amount, I think the additional information that I would like to have is how loose is the table?

    If he raises AA or KK here to $10 utg and gets five callers, he really can’t like any flop that doesn’t include an ace.

    With us holding an ace, I think it’s unlikely that he’s got AA, but KK makes sense. I think he is really looking to play this hand against a single opponent and he’s obviously willing to go all in.

    I think the question we need to ask is do we have him crushed? If not, this is an easy fold. And, do we really think he is making that big of a raise UTG with AJ or worse? No. He either has JJ+ or AK in which case we’re way behind or at best a coin flip.

    Anyway, shoving is so wrong for these reasons.

    However, knowing that he’s shoving it all in on any flop anyway does give us some implied odds to call here and hit an A or Q. But, I am not even going to like a Q hitting. And, if an Ace hits, there’s a chance that we’re still crushed.

    I don’t think we can call here.

    I think this is an easy fold.

  12. Brad   •  

    You only have a piddly $2 invested in this pot. Why gamble when you don’t have to? There’s just no point other than if you’re someone who loves to gamble for the sake of gambling. If so, go to the racetrack. This is an easy fold.

  13. Dan L   •  

    I agree with the fold here. Your opponent UTG plus the odd bet size make too good of a chance he has QQ-AA and you are in serious trouble.

    That said, while pushing preflop here is pretty bad, I think stop-and-go pushing the flop has it’s advantages. If I could be fairly certain the raiser didn’t have QQ-AA, it is worth considering that option. On most flops he would have to be scared with hands like 77-JJ or AK unimproved and you could force out the best hand, plus you should be ahead on the flop a decent percentage of the time.

  14. Anonymous   •  

    I at least wanna flop if not push alot of people overvalue the aj aq and ak and jj or 10 10 any of these hand s are locical for the utg raiser and the only one that your behind is ak

  15. jack   •  

    all of this analysis is based on the assumption that the raiser is SANE. I know some players who play so randomly-especially with short stacks, that id push here without even thinking. So I really think it depends on exactly what sort of loose opponent we are playing here. Against a smart loose agressive player I’d fold, but against a crazy push allin with rags sort of player, id go allin for sure.

  16. Raf   •  

    I’m voting to fold in this spot.

    Even taking into consideration that villains image is loose, we’re still risking 18 to win 22 from a lone UTG raiser. His raise of nearly half his stack should indicate that you are either way behind or flipping at best. Given the odds, make an easy fold and pick a better spot.

  17. T   •  

    Fold. What would be the point? He’s not fully stacked, your odds are terrible.

  18. Everyday_81   •  

    Shove – this isnt even worth thinking about. Ally and drhoho – I’m at a loss reading ur posts. This is a cash game – and so, without a thought or worry this is a call. I’m stupified by ur normally very calculated and salient replies. What am I missing here?

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