Archive Pick: Considering a c-bet in a four way pot, NL MTT


Game type: $75 freezeout, Full tilt Poker
Stage of tourney: Early stages
Your image: Fairly tight
Opponent’s image:
Your hand: Tc Th

This hand is from our archives; view the original quiz here.

The setup: You’re moving out of the early stages in this freezeout tournament when the following hand comes up. You get dealt tens in later position and one player in front of you limps. You raise and two players behind and the limper call. The flop brings a single overcard:

7s 4c Qs

Two players check and the action is to you. What’s your play?


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  1. black fair   •  

    Bet 2/3rds pot.

    I’m a little undecided here because I hate to bet/fold. We can’t check/call because of our stack size. So its either check-fold or bet-fold for me.

    At the end of the day I think you want to take a stab at winning the pot right here because the chances of our hand improving are dismal.

    We’ve got a tightish image, we’re the original raiser, two players have checked and the button would be calling in position pre-flop with a very wide range.

    So chuck the c-bet out there and hope for the best. The negatives here are that we have to lay it down to any raise and if the button floats us and no miracle ten hits the turn we have to give the hand up.

  2. monaeynomaey   •  

    As doyle brunson says,put pressure on your opponents! This is your pot! your the preflop raiser, you need to raise. your in the late position, you need to raise. they already called and check for their first moves, now its time to see if they’ve hit or want to bluff. get rid of the weak players by raising. IFFFF they call or reraise, you will still have the late position advantage and of course valuable info on them through their moves. free money to play poker at: pokerstrateg y.ccom/u2YAUB

  3. alekhine11   •  

    You go ahead guys,and CB here.Obv,with your stack, you are committed to the hand.

    So,do u really think your tens are good here against a field of 3 ppl.?

    If you decide to go ahead I guess the only play is to make a bet pot and fold to a raise.

    So I´D rather check fold,but if for some reason I need to go myself with the hand I guess CR ALL IN IS THE PROPER PLAY HERE.

    • black fair   •  

      I don’t think 1/2 -> 2/3rds pot commits us.

      We have a decent pair and only one overcard fell. We’ve had two players check the flop. Its reasonable to throw out a bet but its obviously just a bluff and we can’t continue against anyone willing to call us.

      How can you check raise TT here? You don’t have the stack size to give that move any fold equity and you sure as hell don’t want to get called.

      Look at the numbers: Button bets $510 into $730. Pot now $1240. You check-raise all in $2380. Pot is now $3620 and button needs to call an extra $1770. So they’re getting 2:1 odds for their money. They get even better odds if one of the other two players call.

      Of course you’ll get called. And look like the biggest fish ever for check-raising TT on a queen high flop and busting out.

  4. Bert   •  

    horrible spot cos if we cbet, loads of draws and queens either smooth or raise us leaving us in a horrible position on turn, I would check here and evaluate on later streets

  5. samo2   •  

    I’d check here. If a v is holding a Q they are likely going to protect here. A c-bet builds the pot and could price-in draws if there is more than 1 caller. If the flop checks around and the turn is blank, I’d take a stab then.

  6. alekhine11   •  

    @ blckfair

    So you are basically bet/folding?

    I think you clearly misread my post.I stated it was a clear CHECK/FOLD,and that i would rather CRAI than CB THERE.

    • black fair   •  

      yeah basically bet/folding. Which as mentioned I don’t like to do. But thats continuation betting for you. If you do it a high enough percentage of the time then a bet/fold move is exactly what it often is.

      I understood you were check/folding here.

      I was simply arguing that the pot odds / stack sizes demonstrate that check-raising is inferior to continuation betting in this spot.

      I agree with you that a pot size bet commits you. I’d 2/3rds pot size bet exactly for that reason. It doesn’t commit you and achieves exactly the same thing as a pot sized continuation bet.

  7. alekhine11   •  

    I also stated that any CB on that board to work has to be a pot bet,not enough 2/3,nor to say 1/2.
    (the latter is closer to laughable)

  8. _CityBorn_   •  

    im check folding. with 4 people in the hand, one of them has at least a pair of queens. i heard a top pro once say “if everyone in a multiway pot checks, someones got a set”. he was joking, but theres truth to it. im not committing myself or donking a chunk of my stack off bet/folding without a strong hand or reason to believe my hand is best. its a multi table freezeout tourney, the goal is to maximize advantageous situations and minimize losses. minimize this one here and wait for a better spot.

    if the button checks behind, an under comes, and the action still looks weak, maybe i go for it them….but for now definitely check.

  9. ranamuck   •  

    I think I might draw to a blank. I know this is more of an omaha concept but I may try it here. No draw hits and no over card an I bet the turn when checked to.

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