Playing the button 3 handed in SNG

Game type: $33 SNG
Your hand: kd 6d

The setup: You’ve managed to make the money in a 10 player SNG. The BB has been very loose and aggressive during the entire game. The SB has been extremely tight; he has only shown down very strong hands. Since the bubble you’ve folded the button once and raised once – to which both players folded. Now you are dealt kd 6d. What’s your play?

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  1. shaymalus   •  

    I think there should be an “all-in” option here.

    K6s is not a good hand to be called all-in with, but it should be an option anyway because all-in has such high fold equity and stealing the blinds will increase you’re stack by more than 10%.

    If you raise to anything more than 700 you are kinda pot committed. So with blinds this size, I will usually I make the all-in move preflop or else just fold.

  2. Rallenkov   •  

    I agree with Shay, although a case can be made for the Stop and Go move, But since the BB is loose agressive I would rather go AI now instead of raising and then facing an AI decision if he shoves. Ill take the first in vig in this scenario above the Stop and Go.

  3. matt tag   •  

    K6 suited is about right at the 50% point (half hands are better, half are worse), so I’m basically coin flipping if I want to play this hand.

    I voted fold – M is 6.x, so not completely desperate yet. I can survive a few hands and see if I can come up with a better hand.

    Agree with earlier posts, push isn’t bad either – stack is still big enough to take a big hunk out of both opponents, they would need a pretty good hand to call.

  4. shaymalus   •  


    It’s not really coin flipping , its actually a very bad result if you are called All-in.

    The reasons being are this:
    K6s is average heads up only. We are now against 2 players which increases the chances we are against a better hand.

    They cannot call you with an average hand, they can only call you with a good hand like Ax , KJ+ or a pair. So basically if you are called you are almost certainly a dog.

    What makes this play +VE if the fold equity.

  5. shaymalus   •  

    P.S. I agree folding is also a good choice.

    My point is just that is not 50% against 2 opponents :)

  6. John B.   •  

    Fold. I only have just under 7 times the BB, so if I’m making a move, it will be all-in with better cards. If I raise here, I may take it down BUT if the rocky SB calls or raises, where does that leave me? Extremely short-stacked with very little play left. I’m a bigtime BB player 3-handed — like to see what others do and respond accordingly. I’d probably play this hand different then.

  7. Ally   •  

    This is another case where the play here has to be dependant on more of a description than is given above. The description really doesn’t give us enough history on our own table image; only that we’ve raised once and folded once our last two unopened hands on the button.

    Given the limited information that we’ve got, I think we have to fold here.

    First, our stack is a very awkward stack to play. We really don’t want to jam yet with an M of more than 6. It doesn’t make sense for us to risk our entire stack and our tourney to pick up 300 chips. But, if we make any raise at all, we’re committing about 1/3 of our stack and we’d be pretty much priced in to make a call. I just don’t want to play for my tournament with K6.

    Calling isn’t terrible here and actually think that it is a better play than raising or shoving. If you get raised, you can easily release the hand, but if you see a flop, you do have a hand with some potential showdown value and you’ll be in position for the hand in a manageable pot.

    But, I am going to go with a fold here. Sure, we could make a standard raise here and we would have to fold if the SB makes a move. But, my fear here is that the BB will come along anyway with his stack and the fact that he has shown to be very loose. There aren’t many flops that we’re going to like and are we going to continuation bet if we miss? We’re put in a tough spot for our stack and our tournament.

    With the blinds and our stack, I think we can find much better chances to chip up and to win this thing. We can resteal from the loose bigstack and we should still hold some fold equity and we can jam all day on the tight player to our left once the blinds get a little higher.

    So, I like a fold here.

  8. Patrick Cherry   •  

    A definite fold.

    Your stack is too small to raise here. An effective raise to get the blinds out of the pot has to at least be 3.5xBB. Anything smaller than that will automatically cause the BB (who is a loose player) to defend his blind.

    3.5xBB is 700$, which is 35% of your entire stack. You can definitely not call a reraise with your very weak hand preflop, especially if the reraiser was the SB. The BB on the other hand, if he choses to reraise, it will be all-in.

    You don’t want to commit yourself to the pot, or chop off a huge percentage of your stack in an attempt to pick up the blinds. You will be risking 700 to win 300. Not worth it with the hand you have!

    Moving in here is also a bad idea. You’re not too desperate for chips. You can wait for a better hand, or better timing. If you move in, and get called, you are definitely an underdog. Sure, you might get lucky and win the showdown, but we’re playing poker, not roullette, you should not depend on getting lucky.

    A call here is a disaster. If you call you have put out 10% of your stack in the middle. If the pot gets raised, you will have to fold. So, don’t throw away valuable chips. If you want to make a move here, raise, but be sure that if you are played back at, you’ll lose a lot of chips you can’t afford to lose. Calling is just throwing away chips here!!!

    Folding is the definitely best option here. Allow the blinds to take on each other. You are not desperate to pick up the blinds, your stack isn’t too big to make a good move here, and your hand is too weak! Let the blinds battle, if the SB wins, great – the BB will lose some chips and will reduce his bullying. If the BB wins, the SB will be in a tough situation, and you might be much closer to getting at least second place.

    So, you have to just fold here, and wait for a better time to make a raise or move in!!

  9. Jeremy Fisher   •  

    Raise or fold. At least the way I play, I’ll never enter a 3-handed pot without a raise, so limping is obviously out of the question.
    Here, I like a 3x raise to 600. Odds are good you pick up the blinds right away, and if I get shoved back at I’ll be able to easily release. Pretty standard short-handed button play here.

  10. Zot95   •  

    For the people saying that you can’t push or that you aren’t desperate with an E of 6+… keep in mind that this is 3-handed. If you’re going to invoke Harrington, then take a look at the Effective E, which is 2.

    If you fold here, your stack will be halved in 10 hands. Will you get a better hand than this in 10 hands? Probably. But will you get someone to play with you? Ah, now maybe not. I guess it depends if you get a hand when the current BB is on the button.

    The way I look at it, you really don’t have time. You can hurt both stacks right now, but in a couple rounds you won’t. Raise.

  11. bluesbread   •  

    Even though 14% of us voted to call, no one else has stated the case for that course. Here goes:
    If the SB plays back you fold. If the BB plays back you might reraise all in, or fold, depending on how you read him. If you get to see the flop, you’re hoping to hit two or three diamonds, or a K, or anything you think you can steal with. It’s worth investing 10% of your stack for all these possibilities.

  12. Gsxraddict   •  

    I accidently voted ‘fold’, but no your on the button here, raise every time to about 600

  13. Dr Zen   •  

    I fold this every time. Raising is a bad play. If you’re folding to a reraise, you should not raise in the first place, and if you’re not, you should be pushing to take advantage of the first-in vig. I’d expect to be reraised AI fairly often because a 3xBB raise looks fairly weak with my stack. In BB’s seat, I’m pushing with a fairly wide range against your raise, and that range will still crush K6s.

  14. Bobby   •  

    I personally just call here……..basically its because im hung like a horse though

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