Small blind play on the flop against a preflop raiser, no limit tournament

Game Type: Online Tournament, No Limit
Stage: 340 of 600 players remaining
Average stack: 6200
Your Hand: 9h7h

The Setup: Preflop, Player G limped and H raised to 3x the bb. You called from the SB, the BB folded and player G called. With $1000 in the middle, the flop hits:


Player H has been raising from the button and cutoff about half the time if it’s folded to him. You’ve built your stack by betting some made hands strong on every street. The action is to you.

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  1. Tipz   •  

    Your up against 2 opponents and only have a gut shot straight draw. Player H probably has AK-AJ or AA-TT. Player G probably has suited connectors or 99-22.

    Almost certainly, you are the worst hand with no chance of improving. If you bet, you will most likely get at least one caller. Only option is to check-fold, or check-raise. If you check-raise, you might get re-raised all-in, so you’d have to fold.

    This is a horrible spot to try anything tricky. The only possible scenario is to bet 300-350, to find out where your opponents are at, and then outplay them afterwards (like you hit a set).

  2. Drooo82   •  

    If we bet here It will likely one of them will call. I don’t like the pre-flop call OOP. But I think we need to give this one up since we have just invested 300 chips.

  3. Oflugri_PT   •  

    actually, i like a float c/c here

    there are a lot of cards that add showdown value to our hand and we have some backdoors

    i think a c/c here and a lead in a lot of turns wins this hand enough times to make it profitable, if his flop bet is on the small size

    He will likely cbet close to 100% in this kind of board.

    C/R i dont like so much, because is a flop where you are not representing anything, since its such a dry board that you would likely just c/c your sets…

    if you c/f, than i hate your flat OOP pre

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