Aces vs 3b preflop, NL MTT


Game type: PokerStars $33 NL
Stage of tourney: ITM – 21 players remain
Your image: TAG
Opponent’s image: Active bullying big stacks, but solid
Your hand: Ah Ad

The setup: Action is folded to you on the button with AA. You raise to 7500. SB folds. BB re-raises to 17500. What’s your play?

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  1. Pirate21   •  

    I’m raising here, but still want to give V a good price to call.
    I’ll raise to around 35-40K and obviously call a shove.
    If called, I plan to shove virtually any flop.

  2. samo   •  

    Since we have position I’d call and let the V c-bet OTF. I don’t think their hand is that strong as the 3-bet still gives ~3-1 odds. Perhaps more of a push-back to our open-raise.

    A 4-bet only gets a call from the very top of their range, and gives away the strength of our hand.

  3. Robert   •  

    I’m gonna 4 bet with Aces (around 37k). Even though our Aces seems strong pre-flop, there could be lots of draw heavy boards on the flop. If V calls our 4 bet then I can narrow down his range to big PPs or AK. If he folds, then it’s less likely that he will 3 bet our raises. We have to make a stand sometimes against a bully.

  4. Morat   •  

    Since V is active and we were in steal position this seem to be a resteal far more often than a real hand. I expect him to fold 70-80% of the time if we 4bet (size doesn’t matter, he’ll fold if he has T9s and he’ll go allin w/ JJ+, AQ+ no matter how small or big we raise). Since the above our equity seems to be best if we call and let him cbet the flop. Might even stack him if he spikes TP or the flop is low.

    • general johnson jameson   •  

      yup. we’re at the tip top part of our range, and he is an active bully-stack. let him take the reigns and run. 4 betting will narrow the range that he can be aggro with, almost too much, cuz right now he will run with anything but not after the 4 bet. After the 4 bet he’s either all-in or folding, and he may only go all in with a premium holding, which is unlikely, or unless to put pressure on to fold if he sees the pot as all dead money. he wouldn’t need us to fold all that often to make it a profitable play.

      honestly i’m okay with either play. but to expect him to 5 bet all-in light for dead money is gonna depend on how often we have given resistance to resteals and how often we’ve raised on the blind. but given just the feel of the images, i’ll call 75% and 25%. but remember that if you call, you aren’t folding no matter what and could go broke here, and most likely you’ll have to raise all flops regardless of board texture. cuz he really has a huge range, and could hit any type of board, and calling to give him 3 cards is one plan, but seeing the other 2 without charging max price seems poor. call, hope he bets, and if he checks fire a good shot. if he bets, get it in, the stack sizes don’t permit any turn bet that is in proportion.

  5. T   •  

    Am with the callers. No way to know what sort of hand he has, the raise is small but no way of knowing whether this is to get away easily or to trap us into shoving. We are guaranteed to be heads up, we are a huge favorite against any hand and we can expect a c-bet most of the time. He may flop a set of course. That’s poker. PP’s aren’t that big a part of his range. You can always lose with AA but this is a great opportunity to benefit from our read.

  6. c   •  

    why would anyone call here? so stupid.

    • T   •  

      Reasons were given. Are you stupid or just a very bad troll?

    • Sam   •  

      LoL this guy is obv ignorant and has fewer brain cells I guess?

  7. J2   •  

    I call here almost every time. Raise any flop bet but I’m tempted to check if he checks cause he’s either flopped a set and we’re gone or has no hand at all assuming he bets all draws. Getting his stack is worth the risk to cruise to final table IMO

  8. craig   •  

    im gona disagree with a few people and raise it up here. I know its an obvious steal spot but i would hate to miss out of huge value if the bb does have a legit hand and let the board come awkward and get small value or cracked.
    probs tank or wait for a while and then make a smallish 4bet to around 35/37k make it still look like i can fold to a 5 bet jam if villain gets crazy and levels himself into thinking its just a steal.
    if villain calls the 4 bet then play out flops accordingly.
    if villain folds then be happy and move on you won the pot.
    i do think there is a stong argument for calling pre as well as you i think it would depend on the feeling i had at the time and the feeling i got from the player.
    (4 bet then 6bet jam when he 5bets with kk and embarce the pain when the k comes on the river easy game :))** troll

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