Medium pair with a short stack all in, NL MTT


Game type: $55 freezeout, PokerStars
Stage of tourney: Mid stages
Your hand: 9c 9d

The setup: You’ve got a solid stack in this tournament when the following hand comes up. Two players fold and a short stack pushes for about 7 BBs.

It’s your action and several players are still to act behind. What’s your play?


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  1. black fair   •  

    Fold. Most of the time.

    This is either a fold or shove situation. Calling here invites someone else to shove over the top and may price in some draws. Our 99 also becomes very weak multi-way.

    Ideally we’d shove to isolate here but there are just too many players to act behind us.

    In some ways shoving our stack into essentially the entire table screams a lot of strength and if we have a pretty tight image I think we might be able to get away with it.

    It’s a fairly big if though. If I’m the table captain I shove here. Mostly though I’ll fold.

  2. maonewtom   •  

    Call for me… this guy is shortstacked and the blinds are big, so he has a really wide range… raising makes you a bit committed, and you have no position on the players behind you, so fold is better than raise for me.( free money at pokerstrate gy.comm/u2YAUB )But shoving to make the others fold is not a bad idea also, since they cant call with most hands if we have the “image”–> but doing this would risk your chips in a tournament so i’d rather call instead of this free money at pokerstrateg y.ccom/u2YAUB

    • Anonymous Coward   •  

      Dude, I can tolerate your advertisements now that you are trying (and mostly succeeding) at making reasonable commentary, but can you keep it to one ad per post?

      • maonweioawmeo   •  

        yeah,,, sorry about that,,,, i didnt see the second one,,, i was trying to cut and paste it to the middle,,

  3. samo   •  

    With 99 the objective is to isolate heads-up. Calling with 5 players yet to act would not do this. The risk/return of shoving does not seem prudent – potentially add ~22% to your stack with 5 players yet to act. I’ll fold.

  4. Moe D   •  

    I am going to re-raise here to isolate. I’m always looking for a way to get chips and 99 is too strong to just lay down. It takes a really big hand for someone behind us to 4bet us and shut us out. I probably make it like 5k and most of the time you’ll go heads up against the short stack.

  5. Brian   •  

    I don’t think this is a shove-fold situation. We should never be shoving 40BB with 99, with three big stacks behind us.

    Clearly, we think 99 is ahead of the short stack’s shoving range – what’s the best (and cheapest) way to get heads-up here? Calling is bad, inviting the SB/BB to make implied-odds calls. I think a smallish raise is best – with a large fraction of the money in the main pot, and us with a big stack, we aren’t going to be reraised light, because the 4-bettor still has to show down.

    Really though, this decision will have to hinge on your opponent’s tendencies and your image. If everyone else is playing super-tight, a flat call here is OK, if they’re loose-calling, reraising maniacs, fold, and the RR is somewhere in the middle. But seriously, don’t shove here.

  6. Jeff   •  

    Min-raise to isolate.

    I dont like smooth calling and giving odds to the blinds.

    I don’t like shoving 40bb for only 22% increase to my stack with a decent, but not great, hand.

    I don’t like folding b/c it’s weak.

    We have a nice stack so let’s use it. No one is going to want to run into us without the goods, especially when it’s a showdown situation.

    • black fair   •  

      Min raising makes shoving by one of the other stacks almost a given.

      Your min raise becomes dead money so when they shove and you fold they’re now in a position where they cannot lose money on this hand as you gave them a free side pot to the value of the original raisers stack.

      The reason this is shove or fold is that there is no raise you can do that makes tactical sense. The reason this becomes usually a fold situation is because of your 40bb stack and all the players to act behind.

      • Jeff   •  

        I totally understand your position and it makes sense, but I min raise this b/c I would min raise this w/ a much stronger hand than 99.

        I think my min raise will be interpreted as a strong move — even stronger than a shove! I don’t figure an over-shove will expect me to fold. If they over shove, they have me beat and i’ll happily fold behind.

        This min raise will simply be one note in a symphony of similar moves. I will make the exact same play with AA and HOPE someone tries to make a move over the top in this spot.

        Point is, i want to isolate, but dont want to invest my entire stack here just in case someone wakes up w/ a hand. If they over shove, i can be certain they have me beat.

        The frequency in which my isolation will end in me going HU vs. the small stack is far greater than the chances I provide dead money for an over shove BLUFF, imo.

        • black fair   •  

          I see what you’re saying.

          You’re really banking on how people interpret min raises though. I think one of the problems there is different people interpret them differently

          A shove means the same thing everytime – I bet my stack on it. Of course peoples ranges can vary.

          But I see you’re balancing your range by playing AA and 99 the same with a min raise.

          I’d balance my range by playing them the same to – I’d shove AA here. I never want to get it all in preflop in a multi-way pot with pocket pairs.

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