Medium ace in BB, no limit tournament


Game type: 100+9 No Limit tournament, Poker Stars
Stage of tourney: Middle stages
Your image: Fairly tight
Opponent’s image: TAG
Your hand: Ac Th

The setup: You’ve been fairly quiet in the middle stages of this MTT on Poker Stars. This hand, the table folds to the button, who makes it 525 to go. The SB folds.

What’s your play?


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  1. DHQ Staff   •  

    If there were antes, I think this would be a pretty easy push.

    The only cause for concern is that a smart button won’t be opening super-light here because the risk is high and the reward is low. Both you and and the SB have stacks that are bordering on being good resteal stacks, and without the antes he’s just not picking up much when you both do fold.

    You’re about a 2-1 dog to 55+ and AJ+, which I figure to be roughly his calling range if you shove. If you think he’s opening down to, say, 22+ and QJ hands, meaning he’ll be folding a fair % of the time, the you’re probably getting the right price to shove.

    What actually happened: You folded.

  2. 5types   •  

    Opponent’s image: TAG

    Average stack would be nice to know to really nail it but assuming we are average then its an easy fold.

    A10 out of position will get you into all sorts of sticky spots that you dont neeed to be in.

  3. 5types   •  

    To be honest it wouldnt be a crazy call either, looking at the fact its around 300 to win 1000.

    Proceeding with extreme caution unless you get an awesome flop would be necessary though.

    Id still probably fold, especially if we are average or above.

  4. 5types   •  

    To be honest it wouldnt be a crazy raise either, looking at the fact its around 300 to win 51000.

    Proceeding with extreme caution unless you get an awesome flop would be necessary though.

    Id still probably fold, especially if we are average or below.

  5. Not 5types   •  

    Other than the first two posts this guy is obviously a donkey.

    Too much rubbish on this site. Fairly good time to give up visiting and leave it to the retards to dribble over.

  6. drhoho   •  

    I voted fold.

    -The ideal resteal stack is 15-20 BB, not like 23BB.

    -There are no antes.

    -Heros stack seems decent.

    -I am not very fond of playing marginal hands out of position.

  7. Richard P   •  

    All you need is a 29% hand which is what you have against kk and almost have against aj+. With a healthy stack this is an easy call to see the flop. Just don’t get too hung up if an ace comes.

  8. Kev   •  

    Im calling. Its close tho, you are out of position and ATo isn’t that great a hand, But you are in the BB so its only another 300 to call and you could flop a monster.

    if I dont flop anything big am foling to a cbet

  9. _CityBorn_   •  

    Considering he’s open raising on the button and we have a pretty good hand, I dont even blink before calling. I dont want to overcommit by raising preflop in case he really does have a hand or just puts me on a resteal and shoves. Even a flat call would be disconcerting since we’d have a tough time putting him on a hand. I’ll be content to see a flop feeling like I probably have the best starting hand and play it from there according to the cards and the read.

  10. samo2   •  

    I make an easy call adding 325 to an 825 pot. Villain has a wide range. TAG has position so play cautiously post-flop, keep the pot small and hope to chip up.

  11. Rhycar   •  

    Obviously, moving all-in is a dumb move, so rule that out immediately.
    Raising 3x isn’t a bad idea if he’s been moving in on your blind constantly. You can’t just let him steal all day. However, if he hasn’t been trying to steal from you, you can make a call here.

    He was on the button and first to act, which means his range is wide open. From villain’s seat, I would open with J-10s or any pair. You can’t put him on AJ or bigger, or on a big pair, so you’ve got to call, particularly since your M is down to about 15 now. You could even have him dominated. Easy call, but be careful playing out of position.

  12. Sunshine   •  

    I’m calling with my rough 2.5 to 1 or so odds; however, I’m looking for 10s on this flop, not an ace, mainly cuz I’m worried about AJ thru AK

  13. Sted Ruckus   •  

    I vote call. It seems to me that this is simply a position play on thepart of our villain. However, given that he could have an actual hand, and that our hand is good, but not great, and that we are out of position, I call quick, and lead out on the flop no matter what.

  14. Utherrex   •  

    for me is a call too. will lead if the fop brings it, or at least good draws. His range is wide but surely not crap, so if flop is ugly like KJ7 or something like that, wont fight for it (unless suited to the ace). Info is short to know how villain behaivior was in previous buttons.

  15. Balto   •  

    Looks like I am with the majority on a call. Also depends on what the button has been doing in late position, which we don’t know from the question but would know at the table. If he is TAG he will be trying blind steals a reasonable percent of the time with a wide range of hands, especially if he thinks you are fairly tight. Yes, ATo is a problem in early position but this is $325 into $825 to see a flop. I would lead the flop if it connects at all, otherwise check and see what he does.

  16. realdead$$   •  

    i say raise 3x and try to get a read on him.

  17. Britney Spears   •  

    I say to raise to everything but $1, and if he shoves, well, you are beat, so fold.

  18. thailer   •  

    to Balto – what kind of read do you have if he calls your 3x raise? now the flop comes and even if you hit your hand you could easily be behind and you are first to act. why over commit? easy call, buttons range can be wide and we lead on the flop with any two and let him guess what we called him with.

  19. ace of spades   •  

    easy easy easy call Look at the flop and if its no good check but if u hit bet This is a heads up decision if he has queens or cowboys you still have an ace overcard with a medium kicker

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  21. McCowish   •  

    A10 loses to all of the normal range of a TAG from the button except J10s, Q10s, KQs, and with no limpers and his raise, the J10s and Q10s are questionable.
    AJ-AK offers many more dominating combinations for his raise than what you can provide. You are out of position for the rest of the hand with the aggressor behind you with are better range against you despite this. You are not chip desperate= fold

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