When your draw improves on the turn in no limit hold’em

Game type: No limit cash game, full table
Your Image: Loose and aggressive
Your Hand: 10s7s

The Setup: Early player limped and you limped preflop in late position, the SB called and the BB checked. You were happy when the flop gave you a spade draw:


You were planning to bet but instead Player B made it $3 to go. You called, the blinds folded, and you picked up a straight draw on the turn when the 9h hit.

Player B is first to act on the turn and bets $7 into about a $10 pot. Now that you’ve picked up another six outs to win, what’s your play?

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  1. JimJims   •  

    Disguise you hand and possibly pick up a pot with ten high. A raise seems the way to go. The re-raise is the only issue to worry about, but opponent doesn’t seem that strong…

  2. Nad   •  

    I don’t like the raise because of the likely re-raise. Your image is already loose and aggressive. Turning the heat on after the turn can smell like a bully move especially to such a small stack. This site really needs to include the oppenents image. Calling is almost out of character for this image and you stand to get paid if you hit. Besides, you save a few bucks and feign respect by calling and folding if you don’t.

  3. Frank   •  

    Why would you raise? He’s giving you the prpoer odds to call, so I’d take that and run with it. You’re about a 2 1/2 to 1 underdog to a pair of Qs going to the river and only about a 2 to 1 underdog to a pair of 8s or 5s– He’s giving you about 2 1/2 to 1 from the pot. However, the implied odds are limted due to the fact that if a you hit your straight, he would most likely be hesitant to put any more money on the table. But the odds are right and I wouldn’t re-raise when my call is clearly +EV.

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